Wellness Programs

Unlock your potential

We want to help you create the habits and practices to help you develop resiliency and long-lasting health.

We look forward to being part of your healthcare team. We pride ourselves in the time we invest in each patient. We spend time before and after each hour-long patient session researching, studying, and revising treatment plans and healthcare options. We close each session by providing patients with a summary of their visit as well as clear, detailed instructions for all care recommendations and prescriptions we have discussed.

We believe there is no room for judgment in your healthcare - we create a welcoming, caring, and accepting space for you to be honest and comfortable. By creating this space, we can better correlate and connect health issues that run deeper than a single symptom. WE are here to help train your body to be resilient, active, and better prepared for the stress and chaos of our daily lives.

We believe that unlocking the ways we can thrive in our environment and bodies is not a luxury treatment, but rather an accessible way to unlock your best self.

We know how overwhelming it can be to have a health care practitioner that seems to want to push pharmaceuticals, supplements, or restrictive diets. We have found a way to balance these things and know when to prioritize different aspects of a treatment plan to create step-wise progression to your goals.

Program Pillars

Our work together is grounded with:

regenerate by Nithinan Tatah from the Noun Project
leaf by Victoria Ye from the Noun Project
nature by DinosoftLab from the Noun Project
network and science by Colourcreatype from the Noun Project
Mentor by Becris from the Noun Project

Program Features

Our work together will include:

  • Detailed Labwork

    We test - there's no guesswork here. We'll focus our testing on specific labwork related to your health goals

  • Clean Start

    We are going to help bolster and support your systems of elimination to help your body safely and healthily return to a state of balance.

  • Teaching

    We focus on teaching you how to learn and digest information that is valuable to your health through calls, web sessions, and online learning.

  • 1:1 Time

    We are a trusted resource for you throughout the program. We'll have dedicated time to meet individually in order to create a space for the personal care you need to meet your health goals.

If you are ready to start a partnership for long term health (without shortcuts or gimmicks), schedule your free discovery call today!

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