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"Dr. Kayla Cook at Clear Creek Natural Medicine is THE BEST! I came to her with a variety of complaints, including low energy, not sleeping well, and a long history with depression & anxiety. I had tried the traditional Western Medicine treatment approach for many years with little to no improvement. Dr. Cook was able to get to the heart of the causes of my symptoms and through very individualized & thoughtful care, I can happily say that I am feeling better than I have in years. She takes the time to get to know you and truly cares about how you’re doing.  She has amazing intuition and provides such useful resources & information to empower you to make changes that will result in drastically improved health. As a result of her care, I have gained much knowledge & confidence in knowing what my body needs to function at its best. She is truly an amazing practitioner."


"This has been my best experience in medicine. The Doctors at Clear Creek Medicine focus on healing; not on symptom treatment. They have supported me through physical injury and the often intangible issues of mental/emotional health. Using their system, I've never felt so clear, balanced, and powerful. So many thanks!"


"No more migraines.  I was accustomed to about 15 to 20 headaches per month, all starting during the early morning hours and traveled the prescription market for at least 20-25 years trying to manage them in order to work my full time job.  I started with Dr Cook about 9 months ago and I gave her 1 month of my life and being very skeptical I tried to follow  her simple program for 1 month.  I failed at the end and started over for another month and now am happy to report I have maybe 1 headache every two months and take no more medication for migraines.  I feel so healthy on her program.  It is not expensive and my husband benefits extensively from it as well.  We eat out when we choose and we eat at healthy restaurants and pay attention to proportion size.  I have been able to stop 3 of my prescription meds and we will be working on my fourth one during the next months.  I am also type 2 diabetic and my A1C is dropping and my weight has dropped 50# over the past year with the help of adding Victoza insulin by my Medical Dr.  Dr. Cook has so much insight into diabetes education and how your body works.  She is with you by e-mail as I live in SD and our appointments are through FaceTime.  I am 69, exercise with Silver Sneakers 5 times weekly and have started Meditation.  I take time for myself now and I have never felt better.  She is amazing."


"I went to Dr. Cook after I had been suffering from severe fatigue. She was able to diagnose my problem as adrenal fatigue as well as deficiencies in my diet. What I loved about her treatment was that she worked with me to develop a nutrition plan that worked for my schedule and my budget--so many times I have had doctors insist that I must follow their plan to a T and there is no room for deviation, and if I can't follow the plan then I will just have to live with being sick. Dr. Cook defied that and within a few weeks, my energy was back up. Because of her individualized treatment plan, I have been able to maintain that diet and vitamin regimen to prevent myself from relapsing. In addition, throughout the whole process she was kind and patient and always willing to answer my questions. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for her for my newfound energy!"


"Dr. Kayla Cook and Dr. Taylor Lensegrav are truly the best! What I love about them both is they are down to earth, very dedicated, and well educated on natural ways to help the human body heal.

My favorite part about their practice is they are not into prescribing a large number of supplements. They believe the body can heal on its own with the right help. The supplements they have me on I felt better that day from taking them and Kayla is always happy to provide a research article if I want to know more about the importance of why it would be beneficial to take a supplement they are recommending.

I have had tremendous benefit from their homeopathy treatment. Their expertise in homeopathy has helped me heal from stress.

I feel Kayla and Taylor are the best doctors in Colorado because they come from the heart. They care about their patients, they take time to listen and they allow you to honor what you feel is best for your body. I am not sure you could find a better doctor. They definitely have been a blessing to my life."


"Natural medicine needs to become more mainstream. My experience with Clear Creek Natural Medicine has given me back a level of health at 55 year of age that I had long since thought lost. The process of breaking down the issues and treating them individually and collectively with simple tests and lifestyle evaluations created an individual plan for me that just works. I believe our society’s overall well being would benefit if everyone could have access to this style of medicine. My treatment did not just improve the health of my body but also my mind. I’m overall a better worker, partner, parent and citizen as result of the care accountability that Dr Lensegrav has blessed me with."


"Dr. Cook changed my life. I was a lifelong skeptic of naturopathic medicine and came to Clear Creek Natural Medicine at my wit's end with my primary care doctor. I was tired (literally) all the time and tired of not being heard (and rushed out the door) when I tried to discuss this with my doctor. My first visit with Dr. Cook was kind, patient, and thorough. She asked questions about my satisfaction with my health - not just if I felt healthy or not. I couldn't believe how much time she spent with me after a lifetime of 15-minute visits.

Dr. Cook also encouraged me to discuss the health plan she made for me with her so that I could walk out with a plan that I felt I could stick with and have success with. My energy level has not been this consistent in over a decade, and I feel like a sharper and brighter version of myself. I go to Dr. Cook first for all my health needs now and have recommended her to friends and family alike."


"I've worked with Dr. Taylor over the last year and it has been great. The time he takes to listen and understand the issues and symptoms holistically is fantastic. My wife also sees Dr. Kayla and has seen great results as well. They are running a fantastic practice that comes highly recommended."


"I started seeing Dr Kayla with a goal for my future health/well-being, and reducing current medications.  She has taken the time to review my health history in detail, listen to my current symptoms and goals, and strategically help me achieve my health goals.  No pharmaceutical meds, easy to follow daily regime, and I am feeling almost 100% again!  Thanks Dr Kayla!"


"I met Kayla during a tough time in our family. I sought her out to get help for my teenage son’s anxiety. I am a Ph.D. level licensed Psychologist so I was roughly aware of the clinical impacts that naturopathic medicine can have on the brain. Of course, we all know there is a mind-body connection and I was hopeful we could boost that effect for my son. 

What happened was that not only did Kayla help him with his anxiety, she changed the way we all think about our health and wellness. My sons, both teenagers, I would have expected to be skeptical, but Kayla was so warm and nurturing; as well as, clear about the science behind her recommendations. 

Just a week after we met Kayla, our dear friends were involved in a horrible tragedy that was traumatic for all of us. Kayla was able to put us on a regimen to calm all of our neurological systems down and support our bodies through the healing process. I can’t even imagine what we would have done without her. Picture your doctor, combined with your therapist, combined with your health & fitness coach - she did it all. 

If you are considering homeopathy for the first time or you want to try an integrated medicine approach to your health care...including and especially your mental health...I cannot recommend her enough. You will find that she is approachable, science-based, warm, and that her recommendations are spot on!"


Dr. Cook was an amazing find for my daughter and I!  Headaches, GI problems and fatigue are gone!  I have never felt healthier!  Dr. Cook takes the time to really listen and find the root of the issue rather than focusing only on symptoms.  Dr. Cook was the only one that listened to my daughter rather than dismissing her concerns as “something all girls her age go through”.  My daughter is no longer passing out/fainting and is actually taking an interest in her health and what she’s eating.  Can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for us!


Dr. Cook has helped me come up with a holistic plan to address several concerns I had with my health that were not being treated through my primary care without taking several medications. She helped me identify several food intolerances and I feel like I have made significant progress in a short amount of time. I recommend them to anyone who is frustrated with their current care or are looking to make some healthy changes.


Taylor and Kayla are amazing Doctors and people! They are professional, positive, and helpful. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Seeking their professional advice will boost your health and change your life! Forever thankful for you guys!


I cannot say enough about Dr Kayla Cook and Clear Creek Natural Medicine!  I found them at a time when I felt like I had exhausted all medical possibilities and felt pretty hopeless.  Ironically in searching for alternative care the incredible reviews of their practice inspired me to pick up the phone and give them a shot.

Best decision I ever made! In 4 short months Dr Cook was able to work with me and help me get to a place where not only are my symptoms gone but I am on a path to feeling better than I ever have.

I have never found someone so committed and caring.  So I really wanted to share in hopes that someone suffering will read this review and get the help they too so richly deserve.  These doctors are truly gifts in the world and I am so grateful.


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